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EUROGUIDANCE Portugal - integrates the European Euroguidance network operating under Erasmus + Programme from European Union and is based in the Directorate-General for Education (DGE). It is therefore cofunded by European Commission and national authorities in each country. Download Flyer

Its mission at national level is to develop the European dimension (education and training and guidance systems), its aim is to share working methods and disseminate innovative practices, with other members of the network. In addition, participates in conferences, seminars, debates and workshops at national and European level, keeping updated on innovative trends in the field of lifelong guidance.

EUROGUIDANCE Portugal , as a member of Euroguidance and through its portal http://euroguidance.gov.pt directed to guidance and educational professionals, students and parents, general public and various organizations related to education and training, its attributions are:

• Produce information and training materials;
• Information on educational and training opportunities, levels of qualification and certification, and academic pathways at national and European level;
• Answering questions on guidance and mobility resources at transnational level;
• Access to European Policy and resources on lifelong guidance.


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