About Us
About Us

Welcome to Euroguidance Portugal, a member of the European network of career guidance centres.

We contribute towards developing the European dimension of career guidance, and promote mobility for educational and training purposes.

Who we are

Euroguidance Portugal is based and coordinated by the Directorate-General for Education.


In line with national policies, to develop the European dimension of career guidance in national education, training and employment systems, sharing working methods and disseminating innovative practices.


  • Support the development of skills by technical staff;
  • Produce training and information materials;
  • Disseminate information on educational and training opportunities, levels of qualification and certification, and academic and professional paths, at national and European level;
  • Answer questions related to lifelong guidance.


Target Audience

Psychologists and career guidance technical staff, from public and private organizations providing career guidance support, the educational community and citizens in general.

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